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Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! Just wanted to let people know I'm still alive even though I never post on dA anymore. Art just isn't really my thing anymore. I still doodle, but nothing good enough to put up here. Maybe someday. Nothing really exciting has happened. Just school, plus keeping up with fandoms and video games.
(if anyone is interested, my tumblr is . Also, if any of you play Pokemon X or Y, give me your friend code!!)
Anyways, hope you're all doing well! Also, go follow :iconmoonliit-dreams: because she is amazing. That is all.

  • Listening to: 'Frozen' soundtrack
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  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Bacon
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Lluxr Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
Hey hey! How have you been lately?

I didn't make it into Banzai . . . but I did make it into COMIC CON!!!! 
Spaz attack 
unstoppable-bookworm Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016
OH MY GOD YOU MADE IT INTO COMIC CON??! CONGRATS!!!!!!! that is seriously amazing and I am so excited for you!!!!! I will be there all 3 days!
Things have been good for me! Got all moved in just this past week, almost have all the boxes unpacked (just some dishes and odds a and ends left) but other than that not much has been going on. Aah I'm just so excited for you!! It's coming up so soon!!! Like a month!!! How have other things been??
Lluxr Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016
Not too much goes on with me either. Convention season is really the only time my life gets borderline exciting . . .

It's so close and I'm so not ready!!! I'm upping my game hardcore for Comic Con. I finally got the engineers in my family making me a display and it is complicated and huge (I'm actually kind of worried I won't be able to set it up). My life would be so much easier if I actually did finished pieces through the year instead of two months before con season. I keep telling myself to work on stuff early, but then I never do.
unstoppable-bookworm Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
That's awesome that they're making a display for you!! If you need an extra pair of hands let me know, I can always come help you get things set up! And I'm the same way. Even with all of my moving going on, I still left way too much of it until the very last possible second. But hey, it got done.
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Lluxr Featured By Owner May 12, 2016
Hello from is the artist formally known as Lentyrn XD

I saw your comment, but I'm in the process of changing accounts, so hi from my new-ish username (I spelled it wrong).

Life's been so-so. I'm trying to get into SLCCC this year. 
Fingers-Crossed - NaNoEmo14 Day 12  . . . Between that and school I'm pretty stressed. I've seriously changed my major 6 times . . . I'm so indecisive. I'm never going to be done with college. 

What about you? How have you been lately?
That's so exciting that you're trying to get into comic con!!!! You'll have to let me know when you hear from them!! Sorry school's stressful. I still haven't gone back (I really should this fall...) and still have no idea what I want to even do with my life so here I am, four years after high school, still trying to get my generals done because I'm just not motivated. Oh well. Other than that things are going good. I told my mom I'm moving in with my boyfriend and she didn't talk to me for five days haha. But she's getting used to the idea now so that and work are going pretty well. Have artist alley tables opened up for banzai? You're going to be there, right?
Lluxr Featured By Owner May 18, 2016
Don't feel bad about school. Looking back on it, I feel like they don't really give high schoolers much direction in the States--or at least around here.  Since I did well in art and English, counselors always just told me to go into art, or when I asked what you do with an English degree they said "teach". They were all wrong. What you enjoy doing and what you'd enjoy doing as a job are different. And there's a lot you can do with a liberal arts degree in grad school . . . so yeah . . . I guess my point is, since I've been every major under the sun (lol) if you need some advice direction-wise, I can tell you all about different majors, what's required, and what careers are available . . . 

Moving in together is a big step! It's good that your mom is coming around.

Tables haven't opened yet, but I'm definitely going to try and get one! The only downside to starting fresh is I don't have a lot of art done . . . And I decided to start doing manga again, so that takes a lot of time away from other art. 
sparkleeyesplz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Moonliit-Dreams Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Supernatural by kicsianna
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